The Survival Horror Game We've All Been Waiting For

The Evil Within Screenshot

From bethesda Softworks and Shinji Mikami, who is regarded as the father of survival horror games, comes one of the most anticipated games you didn't know about. The game will release sometime around 2014 and will be on current gen systems along with next gen and PC. No Wii U plans unfortunately, a shame indeed. The game looks well polished already, just have a look for yourself at the latest trailer.

A lot of people believe the Resident Evil franchise has been raped beyond repair. Mr. Mikami over here, the creator of the Resident Evil franchise might be on the same boat as those people. He went on ahead and started from scratch--and you know how it is when you redo it. You're second piece is always better, which is why I have high hopes for this game. Finally a game that you're probably gonna be too scared to play. Brings back some good memories...

Spoiler! Everyone dies.

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