GRAVITY Movie Review

Sandra Bullock stars as a medical engineer alongside George Clooney, an astronaut on his last mission before retiring. The two work together to survive after an accident leaves them untethered in space. This is a space thriller directed by Alfonso CuarĂ³n. The big kicker being that it's in IMAX 3D, but is it worth it for this 90 minute space trip?

"I know I'm devastatingly good looking but you gotta stop staring at me."

Matt Kowalski, Gravity


First off, I gotta say Gravity looked very very pretty. I have the irresistible urge to watch it again just so I can look around. Reminds me of a video game which I can't believe looks so beautiful--have you ever played a game like that? All the little details come together seamlessly. What's Computer Graphics and what's real? Although subtle, this movie definitely breaches milestones and will hopefully pave the way for others to incorporate CGI more appropriately.

On top of that we get a charismatic Matt Kowalski(George Clooney,) and a tortured Ryan Stone(Sandra Bullock) who eventually learns to "let go."

Gravity Movie Looks Amazing
This movie will try to give you that tense feeling of alone-ness. You know, they say if you die in space you die alone. Also, if you happen to accidentally float off course... there's really no coming back. You'll continue to float... and float... into the vastness of space forever.

The movie starts off nice and slow. It lets you awe in the wonders of space and how real astronauts work. ahh, yes, such an awesome job these guys have... Everything quickly goes batshit though and it doesn't stop till the credits start rolling 86 minutes later. And it's all the fault of those dang Russians. Apparently, for unknown reasons, somebody decided it would be a good idea to get rid of a satellite by blowing it up. Well the debris of this mess remain in space and they continue to orbit earth and eventually they start to crash into other stuff.

One thing I found interesting is you'll never hear explosions. As you may know, there is no sound in space, so all the sounds you will hear through out the movie will either be non-existent or the sort of muffled sounds you'll hear through the space suit.

3D is the Way to Go

Another thing that got me was the 3D. Very few movies can pull it off but I think this movie was a fine example of how to do it right. There was this scene were debris was flying everywhere and of course, you know, it came right at you. I didn't even realize this because I was so focused on what the Ryan Stone was doing, but on the side there was debris coming at my face and I couldn't help flinching. I wasn't jumping out of my seat covering my face but, you know, my eyes, it was a reflex. And I couldn't help but think "damn it, Ryan, just open the door already and get your ass in that spaceship--there's shit flying in my face!"

George Clooney in the Movie Gravity

Not Nearly Enough George Clooney

George Clooney is basically himself in this movie. I really wish we could've seen more of him but the movie was just too damn short! The whole movie felt like a single sequence.

Sandra Bullock in the Movie Gravity

A Very Deserving Sandra Bullock

You may or may not know this but Sandra Bullock was actually not the first choice for the starring role. It was actually Angelina Jolie. After she turned it down it went to someone else and for whatever reason, she too was out. Then a third person, and a forth, and even a fifth.

Being in this movie was a miracle all on its own. Amazingly, it all turned out great. That is, if you can get passed Ms. Stone hyperventilating every 5 seconds. Aren't all Astronauts supposed to be trained to deal with this kind of stuff? According to the movie, she got sort of lucky and got a free trip to space for her research. She was reluctant to undertake such a trip, but you know how it is, research.

Despite a shaky storyline, Sandra Bullock seems to pull it off. I have never been a fan of her acting very much... I don't know, it might be her voice. I never really felt real emotion from her but this one almost did it for me. I was a bit let down that I did not see a bit more genuinity from her. It was oh so close for me but it just didn't happen and I don't think it was her fault. It was more the writing and how the whole thing was set up, it was just too short, there was barely any character development. Even after all this though, I definitely think a lot of people will be pleased with her performance.

They managed to fool me with the CGI but not the characters. It felt a tad short of amazing for me. A 4.
4 out of 5


WARNING: Hovering Will Reveal Spoilers
The part where George Clooney is freaking left to float away! What was that all about?! I highly doubt this was scientifically possible. It looked like there was gravity pulling him because she already had him! Why did he continue to be pulled? How is this possible?

I think they did this on purpose, they had to kill him off on short notice. That's what I think happened because this was just so lame. And then when he came back, I was just so relieved. At that point, I loved this movie. I thought "Wow, this is the most amazing thing ever, I can't wait to hear his story of how he got back... Now they're going to be able to make it home together" with a huge grin on my face. And then as the camera slowly moved away from him and towards Sandra Bullock--I immediately knew...

Sandra Bullocks ride home seemed a bit unrealistic too. She should have definitely blown up. But this one is not such a big deal because of course she had to survive somehow and can you think of a more plausible way for her to get back to earth alone? luck is the only answer, and that's what happened, she got lucky.

What did you think about the movie? Did you watch it in 3D?

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