SSBB Project M 3.0 All New Characters Revealed

Project M version 3.0 will house a heap of new surprises, among them, here are two new characters.

New Challenger Aproaching: Mewtwo

"So, this is my power... but what is my purpose?"

Mewtwo, Pokemon: The First Movie

Mewtwo will have a couple of cool new moves never before seen like the ability to hover and dynamic teleportation.

More info on Mewtwo at Mewtwo Character Page

New Challenger Aproaching: Roy

Roys moves are the same as in Melee but they have been greatly improved.

More info on Roy at Roy Character Page

How many characters in Project M 3.0?

There will be a total of 41 characters in Project M 3.0 making it the largest roster of characters in a Smash Bros. game ever. Even more than the yet unreleased Super Smash Bros. Wii U / 3DS. Here's the full list of characters:

1. Wario
2. Mario
3. Luigi
4. Peach
5. Bowser
6. Yoshi
7. Donkey Kong
8. Diddy Kong
9. Captain Falcon
11. Fox
12. Falco
13. Ice Climbers
14. Zelda
15. Sheik
16. Link
17. Toon Link
18. Ganondorf
19. Mewtwo
20. Lucario
21. Pikachu
22. Jigglypuff
23. Squirtle
24. Ivysaur
25. Charizard
26. Samus
27. Zero Suit Samus
28. Lucas
29. Ness
30. Pit
31. Kirby
32. Meta Knight
33. King Dedede
34. Ike
35. Marth
36. Roy
37. Olimar
38. R.O.B.
39. Mr. Game & Watch
40. Snake
41. Sonic

Visit the Official Project Melee website:
Download Project M from the Official website: /download

How to install Project M

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