PewDiePie Razer Kraken Pro V2 Headset Review

PewDiePie Headset

Today we are unboxing PewDiePie's New custom Headset. It is the Razer Kraken Pro V2 with the red swirly PewDiePie theme. I made an unboxing video but I'm also writing this short review now that I've used it for a little under a month. I did also try out the Burger King Mac N Cheetos but that trash will have no part in my written review. Thank you for understanding and subscribing.

PewDiePie Razer Headphones Mukbang Unboxing Mac N Cheetos Review

Quality of the Headset

The headset is of good quality overall. If you are the type of person that takes good care of your products, this headset will last you. If you are more rough with your stuff, perhaps your phone is all scratched up or you drop stuff on the daily--then no. I think this headset will get pretty beat up quicker than you would like because the soft cushions are made of a thin material. They feel nice, but will tear easier than most. The overhead band is also made of the same thin material.

Price and Worth

The Headset costs 100 dollars, plus tax and plus shipping depending on where you buy it. You can find the exact same headset minus the PewDiePie branding on amazon for 40 dollars less. Even better, you get amazon's unbeatable 2 day shipping. This headset for 60 dollars is honestly a solid deal. The audio quality from the mic is top class, as good as headsets can get. The overall audio quality is not bad at all. At 60 dollars it can even be considered excellent. Although I feel on consoles it doesn't get as loud as it can on PC. This is because the PS4 controller will not output as much power to the headset as a PC will. It's a shame but not a big deal.

Getting into the full 100 dollar price point for the PewDiePie theme version though. There are $100 headsets that offer more in terms of features and quality. Is this headset worth it? Well that's not the right question you should be asking yourself. Rather, is supporting PewDiePie worth it to you? Because that's what is going on here. If you want to support your favorite YouTuber, throwing your money at this Razer/PewDiePie collaboration is great way to show it. Don't forget that Razer, a multi-million dollar company, has chosen to take a big risk by diverting resources into this project.

Shipping From Razer

I lied on my video saying that the shipping was "pretty good." In reality I waited about 10 days from purchasing the headset to having it in my hands. The actual shipping was in fact just 3 days, but it was processing mode for a full week. I was honestly very impatient and angry. I made a small rant as I was recording the video but in the end decided to cut it out because the video was already too long and I felt my rant was all over the place. The 7 day processing and handling" wait was terrible and comparatively the 3 day shipping wait was "pretty good." I don't know why I left that last part in the video since it comes off as deceptive--OH WELL. I'm sorry!

The good thing is that the headset is, in fact, available on Amazon: Razer PewDiePie Kraken Pro V2 - Analog Gaming Headset for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 - Oval Ear Cushions - Neon Red

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